Why limit yourself to just what you know. Explore!

I am here to provide guidance and healing on a personal level. I love working one-on-one with people.  This will assist people on their own individual journeys. There is no wrong direction. Through spiritual exploration and education, you can reach a deeper understanding of your inner self.

I am a shamanic facilitator who practices many different healing modalities.  My concept is to not have any limitations on my practice, which is why I have studied many different forms of healing. 

Growing up, I realized that there was more to spirituality than organized religion.  I was compelled to find ways to grow more spiritually. I needed to find a way to make a difference.



While working with a Nurse at a medical facility, I learned Therapeutic Touch. This was the first time I worked with energy. I knew I needed to keep going and learn more. As part of my Native America heritage, I wanted to become a healer. I had many mentors who shaped me in this. I met a Shamanic Facilitator and decided to become a shamanic facilitator like him.  My guides have taken up the charge after to keep me going in the right direction.

After that training, I found Reiki came to me after learning how to work with energy.   Reiki was a great system because of its simplicity and painless way of healing by touch. 

My Reiki Master Teacher was Stacy Davidoff.  I have completed under her tutelage Usui Reiki level I, II & III (Master Teacher), Violet Flame Reiki, and Karuna Ki Reiki.   My next chapter included Astrology and Palmistry.

My training is ongoing and neverending just like my life.


CHOOSE YOUR Experience

Below are the services that I offer. Each service comes in 30-minute and 60-minute increments (except the Shamanic and Astrology services). The Astrological Services are 60-minutes and can be done on the phone, by email or in person. Shamanic services are 90-minutes and can be done over the phone, but my preferrence is an in person session.




"After my Clearing,  my life totally changed. The exercises made methink clearly about what I wanted in life and it worked out the way I envioned."

Claire C.

January 2015

"I felt so relaxed after my Crystal Healing session, I felt as if I slept for two weeks. My mind was so clear."


June 2016

"That reading confirmed exactly what I felt. I had the courage to move forward in my life."


March 10, 2018

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